How to Add Colour to the Winter Garden

Winter is a barren month for much of the garden. From late November to the first few days of March, the garden can look devoid of colour, life and detail. To survive the dropping temperatures, the winter frost, winds and rain, many plants slumber, relying on residual nutrients in the soil for a growth spurt in spring. But, there are ways of adding winter colour to the garden, so that it remains an appealing place in the grey on winter.
Winter Plants:
There are plants that prosper in the grey of winter, adding much-needed colour and not just with pretty delicate flowers either, but with variegated foliage and coloured and stems too. From evergreens to shrubs with delicate flowers, there is a plant that adds interest and details to winter borders and pots.
Garden Furniture and Accessories:
Of course, there are other ways of adding a zing of colour such as beautiful coloured pots and planters, as well as garden furniture and hardwood benches, perfect for withstanding the winter weather. Inviting wildlife into the garden with ponds for aquatic bugs and bird feeders for garden birds also bring life and colour to the winter garden. But it isn’t just this season you will enjoy their presence. A garden that is known for being a reliable food source will remain a hotbed of activity in spring, summer and autumn too.
The Winter Garden is Still Full of Life:
It just may be harder to spot in the dark of winter! But during the few short daylight hours, adding colour with careful planting, pots and garden furniture will make your garden a vibrant place all year round. Do you want to know how to improve the colour of your garden in winter with plants? Take a look at this comprehensive guide to winter planting, as well other hints and tips for creating a winter wonderland right outside your door.

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