Landscape Design for Property Developers

How we Work with You
As a trusted landscape consultant for a number of developers across the South, you can feel reassured your project instruction is valued.
The Landscape Service provide an unrivalled design service, delivering creative and cost sensitive landscape schemes on a variety of projects, liaising with related professionals and the planning authority on your behalf to resolve any landscape related issues.
From pre-planning advice, site visits and meetings with related professionals, we always offer free initial project advice.
If you are considering a pre-app or full application, we collaborate with you, the architect and planning consultant to discuss the project and propose a creative solution to the landscape.
We can produce full landscape design schemes or even rough sketch proposals, to keep costs down and show the planning officer what is proposed for the site, resulting in a better response from the local authority having already considered the landscape.

Post Planning
After the successful grant of approval on a new development, working to release planning conditions is essential.
With experience in landscape planning, we work to release landscape planning conditions. To include, landscape design, planting plans and landscape management / maintenance plans.
Hard landscape materials, boundary treatments, lighting and drainage can also be detailed for the purposes of planning, tender and construction.

Tree Preservation Order (TPO)
Have a TPO on your site, no problem. This can be easily worked into the proposed landscape, working with arboriculturalists to work around tree root zones.

Recommended Services
Advice & consultancy
Creative landscape design
Release of landscape planning conditions
Management & maintenance plans
Planting plans
Housing developments
Private residential
Commercial developments
Public sector
Healthcare & assisted living
Leisure retail & education

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